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Nikolai Andreev Head of Danton

Nikolaj Andreev “Dantonova glava”

Analysing, from the standpoint of legal overcoming of the past, both the actions of the new government undertaken in the first year after October 2000, and the things this government has not initiated or even announced, one does not get the impression that such actions and failures to act are based on a wellperceived and rounded concept of policy regarding the legal overcoming of the past, whether such policy be to forget or to remember. At any rate, no such concept has been made public, and hence the way in which the govenment had (if so!) set the course between the ,,Scylla of memory and Charybdis of oblivion” is a not a public matter. Members of the present govemment have failed to announce an overall legal overcoming of the past in the above-mentioned published programme from the opposition phase before October 2000. What happened then – a combination of armed peoples’ revolution and some elements of coupe d’état (arrangements with important members of police and armed forces), its second part in particular, contributes to certain inconsistencies and the porous nature of the subsequent policy towards the past.

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