Vladimir Veličković fig. II, 1978.

Vladimir Veličković fig. II, 1978.

This article has arisen from some remarks heard in the public meetings organized by Center for Advanced Legal studies, a non-government expert organisation from Belgrade, in order to present the model of Law prohibiting discriminatory behavior towards the persons with disabilitiies to the general public in Sebia, particularly to the disabled people and their associations. The presented model has given rise to an interesting mixture of feelings and frustrated expectations, in which the uneasiness and resistance to certain aspects and consequences of rhe really applied non-discrimination principle have a prominent place, although these were not the prevailing attitudes of those taking part at the discussions. Using the famous Kipling’s phrase on “the white men’s burden”, the author has pointed to the inherent, psychological nature of the refusal to follow the non-discrimination principle in usual, tiresome, uninspirative daily activities by the disabled persons themselves. This opportunism of the discriminated victims is added to the well-known opportunism of the discrminating social environment to close a vitious circle of discrimination. This problem is not solvable only by legal means; it is to be solved by every individual human being for himself; it cannot be solved once for ever. The author has presented some examples from his own boyhood and adolescence in order to show some concrete aspects of this continious struggle for equality.

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